GIC offers a range of assembly capabilities, including prototyping, PCB, X-ray inspection, electromechanical, full functional testing, subassembly builds, conformal coating, and encapsulation, all while ensuring agency compliance.

Assembly Services

For over 40 years, GIC has provided reliable and comprehensive PCB assembly services, making us one of the most dependable electronic contract manufacturers in the United States. With our extensive experience and cutting-edge equipment, we are capable of providing exceptional manufacturing services for our customers.

At GIC, we utilize surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole, mixed printed circuit, and box build, all utilizing lean production processes and flexible production schedules. We offer customized electronic contract assembly solutions for both low-volume and high-volume production runs. Our customers can rely on us for board level, subassembly, or final product assembly, depending on your customized requirements.

With our commitment to delivering exceptional manufacturing services, combined with our extensive experience and state-of-the art equipment, we strive to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products and service by investing in the latest technology and training our staff to keep up with an industry’s best practices.

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy electronic contract service, contact us today to see how we can assist you with your manufacturing needs.

Assembly Capabilities

  • Prototyping
  • Through-hole and Mixed PCBA
  • Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Single and Double-Sided
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • ElectroMechanical Assembly
  • Subassembly Builds
  • Complete Box Builds
  • Encapsulation
  • Conformal Coating
  • ROHS & ROHS3 Compliant
  • water wash, depanelization, RTV