GIC serves municipalities with our extensive experience in applications such as energy management, transportation, and industrial controls.

GIC provides services to municipalities including energy management, transportation, and industrial controls.


GIC has successful and extensive experience spread across numerous municipalities. We offer flexible solutions that meet the unique challenges of each market and keep our customers’ product offerings competitive in the global economy.

We cater to diverse applications such as energy management, transportation, smart home, power supplies, and industrial controls. GIC also supports the entire life cycle for your ruggedized PCBA or box build needs.

We understand that each project comes with its own unique set of challenges and end-customer requirements. Therefore, we leverage our diverse manufacturing services and expertise to provide flexible solutions to meet these specific needs. By collaborating with our clients, we ensure your vision is realized and your products is successfully brought to market.

In addition to our technical capabilities, we recognize the importance of competitive pricing in the global economy. GIC is committed to helping our customers keep product offerings priced competitively.

By optimizing our manufacturing processes, streamlining operations, and leveraging our global network of suppliers, we strive to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

At GIC, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and ensuring your success in the marketplace.

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